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Cafè 19.26 was born from the idea of a Florentine family, with the cooperation of a dreamer named Romeo Perri, who wished to give his own contribution in order to upgrade the Florentine area of Piazza d’Azeglio. They created a location, cultivated in every tiny detail by the Tuscan designer Becattini, who has reconciled operational functionality and local enchantment.


Rum is joy, pleasure, music and one should drink it in company diluted with the same amount of water, so as to appreciate its scent and flavor, or pure, after briefly inhaling its aroma and combining it with a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar, a cigar as long as they are comparable in quality. Either whether you love rum or you don’t know it visit Cafè 19.26: we will guide you through the rum halls, unique in Florence, through a selection of 380 labels stemming from the Caribbean Sea, a magical mix of fine, dark chocolate, precious woods, soft cushions and dim lights.


Jacques Prevert, a poet both banned and beloved, once wrote: “And then God expulsed Adam beating him with sugar cane. And this was the rum on earth.” It is a widespread opinion that Adam took shelter in the Caribbean islands and took comfort in rum. Rum, like a woman who knows she is beautiful, demands atmosphere, lightheartedness and simplicity without the expert’s rituals of color contemplation and the religious tasting in solitude using special goblets at pre-established times of the day.


At the Cafè 19.26 one can dine knowing that this is neither a restaurant nor a trattoria but just a tiny bistrot, which offers sausages and cold meat, first dishes, “foie gras”, salads, cheese and dessert with a selection of Tuscan wines, Italian bubbles and champagne, served among books, iron tables, stained glass windows and mirrors which remind us of old pubs in Florence, the capital, with the fascinating joyous flair stolen from Montmartre.


Together with the morning cappuccino Cafè 19.26 proposes “brioches” from the pastry shop, even without a filling, or, if the customer wishes, filled with honey, melting chocolate or jams. The customer won’t miss sweet nor salty treats, milk shakes and cocktails that come with delicate canapés which, with live music during the evening hours, convert every break into something special.


Lights, colors and decorative elements have been revisited and re-proposed in a unique style with original decorative components, wood, marble, mirrors and iron pieces which play with luminous contrasts and chiaroscuros, rendering a scenography of great visual impact to be enjoyed at any time of the day, from breakfast in the morning to the after-dinner drink